The Last Battle

It is an intense, challenging and powerful workshop.


It is one of the most challenging leadership and teamwork workshops that exist today. It is a workshop with continuous improvements and that is nourished in each edition.

What is the Last Battle?


It is a workshop developed under the philosophy of the best warriors in history, where we will enter the era and culture of these great warriors to feel the honor and service. Located in this atmosphere, the participants put their most ingrained values ​​at stake.


It is a workshop to become aware of where we operate as human beings, we work deeply with your relationship with others, to learn to work as a team, to have a more real picture of who you really are, to develop the leader in you, your sensitivity, ingenuity and ability to make decisions in uncertain and unpredictable situations.


The objective of this workshop is to know and recognize your inner strength and learn how to use it. It is connecting with your power, to wake up at a higher level of consciousness and realize what is holding you back to achieve your goals, to feel full and happy and strengthen your emotional and physical worth, to take the reins of your life and go to create a life worth living.


You will learn to modify your way of observing life, and to experience the fullness of being alive. Realize that it is your engine and your cause. Breaking your limits Be the creator of your present and your future, regardless of the situations you are living.


With this workshop, you can find yourself, find what makes you strong and what weakens you, in order to achieve success in any area of ​​life, fixing specific purposes. Get rid of all the mental garbage that has stopped you until now. Improve your self-knowledge, your self-esteem and confidence.


What happen?


The participants are placed on the battlefield and from there they are challenged to become involved as great warriors with their peers and opponents to test their resources, decisions, honor, dignity, integrity, risk taking, respect, service and personal commitment.


The participants are called to find their "warrior spirit", to defy death and obtain a self-control where prevailing acting with courage and determination to face defeat and learn from it.


The Battle as such, has a life of its own and is being improvised by the participants, which contributes significantly to achieve a deep awareness: who have I really been until now? Who am I really? Who would I like to be? What am I willing to sacrifice?


Each Battle presents a series of fascinating and unpredictable examples that can reflect the pressures of life, work, professional, family and social dynamics, competition in general, as well as day-to-day events.




  • Live under a new code of life.

  • Show the decision, agility, honor, dignity and taking risks in uncertain situations.

  • Develop the capacity for radical change within the participants as well as their capacity to commit themselves with challenges and discover their power of action.

  • Empower to act assertively and integrate to generate results in life.

  • Confront patterns of behavior and have the ability to break with them.

  • Create the opportunity to reinvent the personal integrity of the participants, as well as to reinvent themselves.

  • It allows to experience the courage and the value of one's life.

  • It provides the opportunity to create real work as an integrated team, united with values. Either within an organization, within the family or within society itself.


The time has come, there is no time to lose!

October 19
November 30
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Mexico City